The Cerrado is the most biodiverse savanna in the world, cradle of waters and home to incredible sociobiodiversity. But it is also the most threatened biome in Brazil, with a deforestation rate twice that of the Amazon, and extremely unprotected by law. There is no time to lose!

That is why Cerrados Institute- IC - a Non-Governmental Organization was founded in 2011, with the main goals on the conservation and sustainable use of the Cerrado, strengthening the territoriality of Traditional Peoples and Communities, support for the creation of protected territories, especially Private Natural Heritage Reserves (RPPNs), monitoring and support for mitigation and fighting fires and deforestation.

Donations made to Cerrados Institute will be directed to the organization's functioning, projects, partnerships and in accordance with the social purpose of its statute. The amount collected will be allocated to works for the conservation of the Cerrado and the maintenance of the Cerrados Institute, and can be allocated to different fronts, according to the action plans of its Programs and specific needs.

Discover our Programs:
Jurema Cerrado Protection Program

The Jurema Cerrado Protection Program aims to expand the protection and effectiveness of protected areas in the biome. We support the creation and maintenance of Private Natural Heritage Reserves (RPPN) and the implementation of other protected areas, such as Conservation Units, Environmental Protection Areas, Indigenous Lands, Traditional Territories, among others.

The program enables the creation of protected areas in private areas, through RPPNs, and in public areas, through partnerships with municipalities or states. We lead the RPPN creation processes from beginning to end. So far, 17 RPPNs have been created with our support and our local partners.

The RPPN creation strategy is fundamental for the Cerrado, as 80% of the its land is in private hands. Engaging these landowners to protect the remaining cerrado is a condition for preserving ecosystem services, such as climate regulation, water availability and pollination for future generations.

We are a reference in supporting conservation through support for the creation of RPPNs in the Cerrado biome. We understand that RPPNs are a solid instrument to expand the legal coverage of Cerrado areas as they guarantee the perpetual protection of the area, without affecting the ownership of the property.

We have already supported the creation of RPPNs through the Cerrado Private Reserves project, carried out by Funatura and supported by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) and the International Institute of Education of Brazil (IEB); as well as we have already created RPPN with the support of Nature and Culture International (NCI) and the French Embassy

Programa Povos do Cerrado - Peoples of the Cerrado Program

The “Povos do Cerrado: Mapping of Traditional Communities” program seeks to support the mapping and strengthen the territoriality of traditional and rural family farming communities that live in the Cerrado. These are communities that carry tradition in their different ways of living with the Cerrado standing up. Their knowledge, ways of life, identities, cultural and economic practices depend directly on the preservation of the biome.

Our strategy involves research and identification of communities, support for mapping and registration in the application “Tô no Mapa”, developed by the Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia (IPAM), Instituto Sociedade População e Natureza (ISPN) and Rede Cerrado. We offer support for the environmental protection of traditional territories and the Territory Formalization Guide, an unprecedented document that points out the institutional paths that each type of community must follow to start the regularization of their territories.

Supporting the protection of these territories, in addition to respecting the traditions that form us, also means protecting knowledge from living with the Cerrado standing and the benefits of this, such as the provision of water, carbon storage in vegetation and soil, among other environmental services. .

We carry out actions under this program with the support of the Good Growth Partship (GGP), WWF-Brasil, as well as the Institute for Environmental Research in the Amazon (IPAM), Instituto Sociedade População e Natureza (ISPN) and Rede Cerrado, Climate and Land Alliance - CLUA, and Global Witness.

Suindara Alert Systems Program

The Suindara program promotes monitoring of deforestation and fires on a continuous basis and focuses on the territory, especially in Conservation Units, Private Reserves, Traditional Territories and other partner territories. The Suindara Alert System brings agility and effectiveness as it sends alert messages to managers and stakeholders, in addition to promoting cooperation plans.

fighting fire and deforestation. Thus, decision-making is more assertive in the face of fighting unscheduled fires and illegal deforestation in protected territories.

The use of Suindara is essential to decrease the response time to unplanned fire. Thus, we reduced the burned area and the impacts on the local fauna and flora. As a result, fewer greenhouse gases are emitted, fewer species die locally and more natural resources are protected. This work is a strong support to the firefighters, who are in fact protagonists in the fight against fire in the Cerrado

Cerrado Elos Program

Elos do Cerrado is our program for generating and sharing knowledge about the Cerrado, in favor of its conservation and sustainable use. Every two years, we promote a space for dialogue, exchange of knowledge and debate on challenges and solutions for the conservation of the Cerrado. The first edition of the Elos do Cerrado event took place in September 2020, online and completely free of charge.

There were eight days of debates in conversation circles on different topics, including the importance of traditional communities, conservation in private areas, occupation and deforestation in the Cerrado, among other topics relevant to the protection of the biome. We also organized 3 spaces of playful and artistic content that addressed the theme “Elos do Cerrado, opportunities and challenges in protecting this biome”. There was a photographic exhibition, an exhibition of unpublished works of art and the Cerrado Lógico diagram. In addition, we had lives with experts talking about these spaces.

The idea is to accumulate material and make it available to as many interested parties as possible, thus ensuring that more people have access to quality knowledge, enabling them to collaborate in protecting the biome.